Wednesday, April 8, 2015

My First Gay Phone Call - Help

I can't say exactly what it's like for every gay man wanting to reach out to another gay man for the first time and not being able to.  I've been there, but it's been some time.  I do know saying "it's hard" doesn't quite describe it. It's loneliness, sadness, depression and hopelessness swirled into one.

I also want to ad that it doesn't get easy connecting after we've come out sometimes, especially for those who did it on their own.  We can be under the impression that, after we reveal a part of what we are, it's like turning on the lighthouse light.  The LGBT community will see us and suddenly everything will be perfect, ships of gay men and women will come to shore.  Not quite.  In fact, I'm guessing for most of us, nothing happens.  We're still alone and after taking such a big leap our yearning to be connected is even stronger.  Still, it remains unfulfilled.

What I would like to do in the future is make my phone number available for other gay men to call if interested in talking with someone.

This post was updated 3/17/17.

The Dorchester LGBT Group:

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