Friday, December 19, 2014

Gay Dating in Dorchester MA

Are you tired of dating websites asking you to pay to send an email to someone who may or may not pay to read? A completely free gay dating / social group was created just for Dorchester, Boston, MA and surrounding communities. If you're tired of and other dating websites, this group may be for you.

The group is hosted on the platform along with several other LGBT and non-LGBT groups.   However, what makes this group different is a genuine desire to help it's members meet others in the gay community. "We're not trying to prevent people from paying for personal ads or dating services.  We think those relationship services work great for a lot of people. However, we do want the community to know there are other options available to them."

Recently added was a new questions for people to answer on their profile. 

If someone were to ask you out simply to enjoy your company, or on a date, how should they approach you?

Those interested in meeting others outside group events were encouraged to answer the question.  Those not interested were encouraged to leave it blank. 

Group leaders already suspect many will leave this new questions blank for a time and that new members will be more likely to answer thoughtfully.

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